Some things you just have to be see to believe!!  But WARNING - this video is Not Safe For Work!!   Singing boobs are helping to spread the word about the MACMA Breast Cancer Support Movement.

Guys can't help it, we just love Boobs!!!  But when it comes to breast cancer support & awareness, most men are missing the message.  The MACMA has put together a shocking video with lots of exposed boobs that are spreading the word in a way so that men will hear it! Well, maybe?  For some reason it seems as though men's ears go deaf when boobs appear.

But these aren't just any boobs, these are singing boobs!  And they are speaking up against the showing of nipples on Facebook and Instagram, saying that it's hampering getting this important message to the public.

WARNING - ONCE SEEN, this CAN'T be UNSEEN!!!  And the video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!

Please help spread the word and share this post to help support the MACMA breast cancer support movement!

Click Here to donate and show your support - #EverybodyLovesBoobs

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