Our friends at WalletHub.com say Wyoming is the #6 most fun state in America.

Among their multitude of criteria, “Variety of activities for everyone,” and “Good times that won’t break the bank.” Did you know Wyoming is #1 in movie theaters per capita? Wow, and that’s before we even get to our great outdoors. Only Alaska ranks higher than Wyoming in best access to National Parks.

Not mentioned are many other fun things Wyomingites enjoy. That's a whole other list. Camping, fishing and hunting are also huge here (maybe in their category of National Parks). For skiing, Jackson Hole is the best in the nation, as well as world class.

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8th – Restaurants per Capita
1st – Movie Theaters per Capita
10th – Golf Courses & Country Clubs per Capita
15th – Amusement Parks per Capita
16th – Performing-Arts Theaters per Capita
9th – Fitness Centers per Capita
2nd – Access to National Parks
11th – Casinos per Capita

As you can imagine it would be hard for any of the 49 others to beat Nevada for the most fun state, but check out how well some of the Cowboy State’s neighbors ranked, two of the six are even higher than our Top 6:

2. South Dakota

3. Colorado

9. Montana

Source: WalletHub

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