Wyoming is just okay, according to a new study ranking the Most Fun States In America. The Cowboy State finished 30th nationwide. On the bright side, at least we're having more fun than our neighbors in Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Wyoming ranked second for access to National Parks, trailing only Alaska. The study also ranked the Cowboy State first for Parks and Recreation spending per capita. Wyoming also took the top spot for skiing facilities. Unfortunately, Wyoming has the third lowest number of restaurants per capita, which combined with a lack of nightlife and music venues, dropped our overall ranking. Wyoming also has the fourth lowest number of fitness centers per capita.

California finished first in the study, followed by Florida, New York, Washington, and Colorado. Around the region, Utah barely bested Wyoming in 28th place. South Dakota ranked just behind Wyoming in 31st place, followed by Idaho in 32nd, Montana in 36th, and Nebraska in 38th place. West Virginia ranked last with Mississippi, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Vermont rounding out the five least fun states.

The rankings were based on 26 "fun factor"s, including the number of bars, movie theaters, golf courses, performance arts venues, and recreational services per capita.

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