Wyoming residents love burgers, according to a new study that ranked the Cowboy State seventh for per capita hamburger consumption nationwide.

Tempo 24/7 estimates that the average person in Wyoming will eat 251 burgers annually, nearly one burger every day. Hamburgers are also popular picks for Wyoming diners, who spend an estimated $342 on burgers at restaurants each year. Oddly, the Cowboy State's love for burgers does not extend to hot dogs. The same study claims Wyoming residents eat the fewest number of hot dogs in the country, per capita.

Nevada residents eat more burgers than any other state, followed by Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Washington. West Virginia residents consume the most hot dogs per capita, with Illinois, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Arizona rounding out the top five.

Around the region, Colorado ranked 9th nationwide for hamburger consumption and tied in 34th place for hot dog consumption. Idaho was 24th for burgers and 38th for hot dogs. Montana finished 14th for hamburgers and 40th for hot dogs. Nebraska tied in 9th place for burgers and 20th for hot dogs, South Dakota tied with Nebraska for burger consumption in 9th place and tied with Colorado for hot dog consumption in 34th place. Utah ranked 15th for hamburgers and 42nd for hot dogs.

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