Cheyenne isn't very fun, according to a new study ranking the most (and least) fun cities in America. Wyoming's capital city finished 156th out of 182 cities in the nation.

Cheyenne ranked 180th out of 182 cities for "entertainment and recreation" and 175th for "nightlife and parties". On the bright side, we finished 58th for "affordable entertainment". Overall, Cheyenne received a "fun score" of 24.6. Adding insult to injury, Cheyenne finished behind Casper in the fun study. Our neighbors to the north ranked 141st overall.

Denver is the most fun city in the region, according to the study, ranking 14th nationwide. Las Vegas topped the list, followed by Orlando, New York City, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Pearl City, Hawaii ranked last in the study, with Oxnard, Calif., Yonkers, N.Y., Santa Rosa, Calif., and Bridgeport, Conn., rounding out the five least fun cities in the country.

Rankings in the study were based on several factors, including the number of restaurants and nightclubs per capita, along with movie theaters, bars, fitness centers, parks, concerts, and music festivals.

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