The new bagel shop in Cheyenne did not impress. Saturday morning had a number of options for breakfast, and my wife and I considered the R&B Café, Penny’s Diner or some non-chain restaurant.

“Hey, how about the new bagel shop?”

Hmmm, a Lox and cream cheese on a toasted everything bagel sounds great. Besides, lets support a new and local business…

“We don’t have that sir.”

"No, seriously, lox and cream cheese. You can’t open a bagel store without lox and cream cheese." I said.

“The owner says it’s too expensive and would cost $8.95 if we carried it.”

Wow, this, from a bagel store that references New York City in its name.

Disappointed, but I made another choice and got a ham & egg on an everything bagel.

It did not seem to be a genuine bagel, but more like bread than bagel. The egg was closer to the lame looking premade scrambled egg patties that I’ve seen but tried at Subway. Did this egg come out of a freezer pack or get poured out of a milk carton style container? Seemed like it.

Bottom line, I wanted to like it and see a business succeed in Cheyenne, but I was not impressed.

But, all is not lost, Mort’s Bagels at 1815 Carey has just what I want; lox, chive cream cheese, red onion, capers on a killer good toasted everything bagel for $6.95. It’s The New Yorker.

The only thing wrong with Mort’s is their everything bagels are so good, they sell out. I mentioned this problem there, thinking “These are popular, make more of them so you won’t keep running out of them.” That fell on deaf ears. Just gotta get my order in early, I guess.

Just my opinion.

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