New Belgium Brewing Company is known for their quality ingredients when it comes to their world-class beers: they've won awards upon awards at Great American Beer Festival including for their flagship beer, Fat Tire Ale. However, how different would this beer taste if it were brewed in a "climate-ravaged future"? This was the question NBB asked themselves when they decided to brew Fat Tire: Torched Earth.

On their website, New Belgium noted that as a medium-sized company, they're making an impact...but because of that, the size of their impact isn't as great as it could be. It's up to larger companies, like USAA, CITIC Group, and East Japan Railway, to name a few, to commit to a better climate plan for their company's future.

Yeah...New Belgium is calling these companies out. By name. See it for yourself right here.

In comes Torched Earth, a beer from the Fat Tire family that is brewed from ingredients that, according to NBB, "would be available in a climate-ravaged future including: smoke-tainted water, drought-resistant grains, shelf-stable extracts and dandelion weeds."

According to the company, it can be considered beer. Technically. But it's also pretty gross.

In the below video, R&D Brewer Cody Reif says, "If this was the beer of the future, I would probably drink less beer."

Would you try Torched Earth Ale?

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