From debuting a climate-conscious beer to reopening their patio, New Belgium has had a busy spring. But that hasn't stopped the brewery from celebrating yet another milestone: its 30th anniversary.

The New Belgium crew knows that a proper glass is almost as important as the beer in it, and to mark the occasion, they've unveiled their 2021 artist series globe glasses.

"These glasses are extra special because it's our 30th anniversary  — and to be honest — we wanted to celebrate with a lil' glassware birthday gift," the brewery said in a Facebook post. "It's our party and we'll drink if we want to!"

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The first glass, designed by artist Cody Hudson, features a colorful design that references New Belgium's most famous beers and Colorado's mountainous landscapes. See it here:

"I was very excited to get to work on this project," said Hudson in a Facebook video. "Once you look at it, you kind of start to tell your own story as you're putting all these elements together."

Artist Hyland Mather designed the second glass, which features the phrase "seems like only yesterday" to represent New Belgium's longstanding history.

"My relationship with New Belgium has gone on for a really long time," said Mather. "They've always been supporters of creative enterprises."

You can purchase your 2021 artist series globe glasses here. 

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