New Belgium Brewing is calling other breweries to action against the climate crisis. On Tuesday, Aug. 24, New Belgium announced they are releasing the Carbon Neutral Toolkit for Craft Brewers. The toolkit comes a year after they released America's first carbon-neutral beer with Fat Tire: Torched Earth Ale.

The toolkit will be released on in hopes to influence other breweries to make the same steps towards sustainable brewing.

New Belgium has put heavy emphasis on carbon neutrality because the production, distribution, and refrigeration of beer all contribute to harmful gases that get released into the atmosphere. According to Fat Tire's Drink Sustainably website, there are several other ways people can lower their carbon footprint:

  • Vote!
  • Vote with your dollars
  • Understand where your energy comes from
  • Change up your mode of transportation - bike!
  • Protect public lands
  • Donate

New Belgium and Fat Tire have taken several steps towards being more Earth-friendly in their brewing and business process. From installing renewable energy sources at breweries to improving refrigerant management and donating to climate justice campaigns, New Belgium Brewing is about setting the example.

So far, according to their sustainability site, New Belgium has donated nearly $17 million to climate solution nonprofits, as well as nonprofits focusing on land and water conservation.

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