Our friends at Roadsnacks are at it again. The website that brought you "The 10 Most Redneck Towns in Wyoming" is back with a new study ranking the dumbest towns in the Cowboy State. 

Based on the percentage of adults in each town without a high school diploma along with high school dropout rates, these are the least educated places in Wyoming. NOTE: The article only cites data from towns with a population over 2,000.

1. Evanston - 14.3 percent of adults over the age of 25 didn't graduate from high school. To make matters worse, nearly 10 percent of all high school students will drop out before earning a diploma.

2. Mills - With a whopping high school dropout rate of 33.8 percent, Mills is the second most uneducated town in Wyoming. Their dropout rate is eight times the state average and over three times higher than any other town in the state.

3. Rawlins - The percentage of adults without a high school diploma in Rawlins is 14 percent, trailing only Evanston. Rawlins also has the fifth highest dropout rate in the state, at nearly five percent.

4. Torrington - At 7.7 percent, Torrington has the fourth highest high school dropout rate in the state. Over 11 percent of adults lack a high school diploma, which ranks above the state average.

5. Riverton - The high school dropout rate of 8.1 percent doubles the state average. At 9.6 percent, the number of adults who failed to graduate from high school is also above average.

Rock Springs, Worland, Douglas, Newcastle and Gillette round out the list of Wyoming's 10 dumbest towns.

By way of comparison, Laramie, Buffalo, Lander, Jackson and Cody are the most educated towns in the Cowboy State.

How does your hometown rate? Check out the full list of Wyoming's dumbest (and smartest) towns here.