In 1986, I was lucky enough to have a penny and a stamp. So I got 10 cassettes for a one-cent thanks to some mail-in company. I have no idea how that business model worked, but it did and I spent my 11th year jamming to Van Halen's 1986 album 5150. I listened to that album so much that to this day if I hear the song "Dreams" end I expect to hear "Summer Nights" next.

I never cared about the Dave Vs. Sammy debate, Eddie's guitar, and his collaboration with his brother was what made the band one of the greatest of all time.

When Van Halen was touring to support 5150, the band played over 100 shows between March and November of 1986. One of those shows was in Wyoming. It was also the only time that Van Halen played a show in Wyoming.

On October 10, 1986, Eddie, Sammy, Micheal, and Alex blew the roof off the Casper Events Center, in Casper, Wyoming.

The show started with a VH classic, their cover of The Kinks "You Really Got Me," then they transitioned into a Sammy Hagar's solo hit "There's Only One Way to Rock." Then the meat of the show was served when they played several songs from the 5150 album. A couple covers added some spice to the show, Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" (one of two times they played it on that tour) and another Sammy classic, "Rock Candy" originally by Hagar's former band Montrose. A few solos and other hits finished out the 17 song set.

Oh, man! To be there when the house lights went down and "Eruption" echoed through the building and the crowd exploded would have been AMAZING!

Here's a taste of the tour and Eddie's guitar skills. Unfortunately not from the Casper show, but in Connecticut:

Van Halen Setlist from October 10, 1986, at the Casper Events Center, in Casper, Wyoming From Setlist.FM:

  • You Really Got Me
  • There's Only One Way to Rock
  • Summer Night
  • Get Up
  • Drum Solo
  • Dreams
  • 5150
  • Good Enough
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • Addicted to Love
  • Rock Candy
  • Bass Solo
  • Panama
  • Love Walks In
  • Guitar Solo
  • I Can't Drive 55
  • Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love
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