It's time once again for our monthly round-up of lonely singles (and creepy married guys) looking for love online. Just to set the mood, imagine a warm fireplace, a tall glass of wine and soft music playing in the background while you enjoy the best "missed connections" of the month from Wyoming's Craigslist page.

1. Married Guy in Cheyenne

We used to be coworkers at a big important company in town. Every day we would chat, and I would try to hide my attraction for you. I loved checking you out when you weren't looking and I secretly hoped you would catch me. I am married and it would be totally inappropriate to pursue anything. However I am now missing our interaction after being away from the office. Wondering if you ever thought that way about me? Did you ever catch me checking you out? If you see this, let me know some of our topics of conversation so I know its you.

2. Hot Redhead Mom at the Wal-Mart in Casper

You are the hottest mom I have ever seen! I saw you in the sporting goods section. I'm pretty sure you knew I was checking you out. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. You were with your two kids and your husband/ boyfriend. Not into breaking up a relationship, but just thought you should know how gorgeous you are. If you wanna chat, then respond.

3. Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers in Gillette

To the blonde woman who will probably never see this. Saturday, I walked in through the garden section and you were standing by the bedding aisle. My first thought was "she's gorgeous". You looked at me as well. After I got what I came for, you were in makeup and once again we exchange looks, this time for longer. You smiled. I had a black hat on. All I wanted to say was, wow, you are very beautiful. If for some funny reason you see this, describe what I looked like. And to the gay men who read this, no I don't want to meet up with a guy, not my thing. To other ladies, if you feel like e-mailing, feel free.

4. Tattoos at the Taco Bell in Rock Springs

I came in and ordered about 3 pm. You were working the register. You asked what a tattoo of mine said. I felt like there may have been a connection. If this random post works, put any word of that tattoo in the subject line. I would love to chat some more.

5. I Left My Heart at the Natrona County Courthouse

We saw each other at the court house this morning up on the second floor. We locked eyes a couple times. I even smiled at you as I walked by. You had glasses on with a white and black top, black leggings and boots. You looked amazing. I was disappointed to not see you in the hallway when I was done. Hope you see this!

6. I Gave You My Dryer, Now Give Me Your Number

To the cutie at Lakeway Laundry in Gillette: we made eye contact. You have such kind eyes. I gave you my dryer and you sat outside in your car. I really wouldn't mind sitting and talking with you. You seem very interesting. I hope you get this.

In the words of Lorretta Young, "Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you." Join us again next month for another thrilling episode of Wyoming's Best Missed Connections.