I hope that headline gave you anxiety if you haven't checked out all the cool things Visit Cheyenne has done downtown. As a transplant to the Capitol City, the extra Christmas cheer, especially in this year of all years, has giving me some comfort and feelings of home. If you haven't gone to an Elfie station, met with Santa or sent him a letter, enjoyed Santa's Saloon then what are you waiting for?

Visit Cheyenne gave me this reminder.

Aside from the pretty lights filling the streets of Downtown Cheyenne, the Elfie stations may be my favorite addition to the Old West Holiday. It's pretty fun to come upon an Elfie Station out in the wild. As I may have alluded to earlier, thinly veiled, Santa's Saloon might be my favorite. If you've read my beer reviews, this probably comes as no surprise.

Visit Cheyenne and all the businesses downtown have done an awesome job of turning Downtown Cheyenne into a Winter Wonderland, and everyone should go and enjoy themselves while taking in the Christmas spirit one more time this weekend before we fall into the vacuum of travel, family, and everything that finishes up the holiday season and pulls us toward 2021. Oh, and take an Elfie Selfie at an Elfie station in town, it'll make you smile, I promise it won't be fake.

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