We have made it to the somewhat awkward part of the year where we just finished Halloween and Thanksgiving is up next. There are plenty of Thanksgiving purists that will be annoyed that I'm pushing through the gathering holiday, but I promise you, I'm not. 2021 has been the fastest moving year in the past 2000, so we need to prepare ourselves for the holiday season properly.

With that out of the way now, let's get ready for the Old West Holiday, since Cheyenne is the home of the Northwest Pole, after all. There will be several locations throughout Downtown Cheyenne set up for Santa and along with several "Elfie" stations, for you to get those perfect pics snapped. Nothing like an Elfie Selfie, amirite?

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While you're taking Elfies with the kiddos, you can also check out the stables so they can see how Santa is going to get their letter from Cheyenne's own Pony Express.

You can really appreciate how Visit Cheyenne gets all of this together to make the city of Cheyenne a winter wonderland. When we get an inch or two of snow on the ground, we start getting close to the Norman Rockwell area and it's just awesome.

So when is this all happening anyway?

Oh, right, right after Thanksgiving. The Old West Holiday Wreath Hanging will kick things off on November 27th, followed later in the day by the Cheyenne Christmas Parade. So, November 27th is set to be a big day to get yourself into the Christmas spirit. Make sure you're on the nice list, for a change.

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