Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a great show, if you haven't watched it, that has some quick, albeit, sometimes dumb humor. On one episode, Gina, the office manager, once made a comment as she was dressed as an elf that she was going to take an "Elfie Selfie". I'm stealing that for all the Elfie stations that are about to open up in Cheyenne for Visit Cheyenne's Old West Holiday on November 27th.

There are tons of Elfie stations designated across Cheyenne and gearing up to get those Elfies of you, your friends, and loved ones, in a socially distant manner of course. There are eight locations, and the best part is they are local businesses that have fun themed names. Check out the list of Elfie stations.


This is the Depot Entry, maybe there will be a mistletoe to stand under if I get context clues properly.


This is at the Depot/Coupler Building. It will have eight candles to celebrate Hannukah.

Peppermint Swing

This will be at Little America, you can get your Elfies, maybe a nice drink in their bar inside, who knows.

Naughty/Nice Meter

This is also at Little America in the Kringle Ranch. This gives me anxiety, I feel like I've been good all year, I guess I'll have to find out.

Wanted Sign

This is at the Pony Express stable outside the Asher Building. There's a huge wanted sign for the Grinch. He's a mean one I hear.

Santa's Stables

Located at the Cheyenne Livery Stable, this should be a fun reminder of Cheyenne's past.

Gingerbread House

Mary's Mountain Cookies, ooooh, I love that place! Christmas cookies, yes, please!

Santa's Saloon Window Painting

This is at Freedom's Edge Brewing Company, the window art looks really cool!

Ok, I'm sold on all of this, I'm going to challenge everyone to beat me at getting their selfies done first!

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