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One of the luxuries that was so difficult to lose in 2020 was travel. My hubs and I had taken a trip to Barcelona in 2019 and we were so looking forward to our next international trip when the pandemic hit. It felt like our wings had been clipped just when we had caught the travel bug.

It did however, get us brainstorming other ways to get away, as I'm sure it did for many.

One of my favorite things that we did last year was booking a cabin in the middle of nowhere. It was peaceful and serene. We drank wine, cooked delicious meals, hiked... and never turned on a single electronic device.

It was bliss.

I believe many people started looking for new lodging and ways to travel last year. I think Airbnb rentals were high on the list. In fact, Airbnb was able to compile a list of the most bookmarked and booked places in each state.

Here's what they found for us:

Wyoming's Most Booked Experience - Holidays, Culture & Traditions in Kenya

UrmasPhotoCom, ThinkStock Images

For many people, last year was spent at home... a lot. We found more time in the day then we knew what to do with, despite always wishing for it. I think people took this time to learn a new skill or about other places.

The Sneak Peek to Kenyan Culture & Tradition, is a virtual class that promises to offer more than just "safari, sun, and sand." The host, Samson, shares experiences and insight into the people and culture of this beautiful place.

Wyoming's Most Wish-Listed Stay -Heart Mountain Japanese Cabin

This place looks incredibly peaceful and tranquil, both inside and outside. The Heart Mountain Japanese Cabin is designed with Japanese influence. It also sits on a large 400-acre farm where guests are welcome to hike and explore.

It also sits a few miles from Heart Mountain in Powell so get ready for some gorgeous views.

Spend the Night in a Whimsical Treehouse on a Colorado Ranch

You can spend the night in a whimsical treehouse on a Colorado ranch. Look at the Colorado treehouse Airbnb that has horses and chickens as your neighbors.

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Brand new to Wyoming? Wyoming is a unique place, so here are a few bits of information that may help your transition to the Cowboy State go a bit more smoothly.

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