I love getting to see some up-close wildlife photos. One of the better parts of social media is the use of the applications to share experiences that we normally wouldn't be able to get. I really don't want an up-close and personal experience with a mountain lion, so finding this on TikTok was a great exchange in that matter.

A photographer on TikTok shared how they found some tracks in an area and wanted to see what they belonged to. It was pretty obvious from the look of the tracks, but, you never know, right? I mean, they're the logo of half of everyone's high school mascot. So, they set up their camera overnight in a protective box and what a discovery did this photographer find!

Here' you can check it out for yourself.

Oh man, they look RIGHT AT THE CAMERA. I guess the flash came on and they were like, hey, wait a second. I'm caught! Well, probably not that response, more of, what is that? That doesn't normally happen on my travels.

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I don't think I noticed how deep the snow was at first. And I wonder what animal made that path that the mountain lion was walking through. I'm sure that was a lot of help with the snow probably being around two feet in depth.

Either way, I love finding videos like this. How cool was that mountain lion? Especially since it was at a distance, you know, not near me. Or the photographer at that rate.

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