This is something that would be difficult to capture just about anywhere not named Wyoming. It's a stunning time-lapse video of the Milky Way from a photographer.

It's not the first and won't be the last video of the nighttime sky over Wyoming, but this brand new video share from CM Photography is quite a looker. See for yourself.

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For this kind of result, you need to some nice photography skills and be able to avoid light pollution. One of the benefits of Wyoming is it's not difficult to find a location in the middle of nowhere with no human lights in sight.

There's a website called Dark Site Finder. It is a go-to site for finding great places to look at the stars. The fact that Wyoming is so dark makes our part of America ideal for this kind of sky photography.

Dark Site Finder
Dark Site Finder

If you'd like to attempt this yourself, Astro Backyard has some tips on getting good photos/video of the Milky Way. They recommend "30-second exposures at ISO 1600, using an f-stop of F/2.8". I have no idea what in the world that means. What I do know is that you need skies like we have in Wyoming with very little human light interference to get anything close to the Milky Way time-lapse video shared above. Truly a knockout.

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