High prices on gas and everything else, especially the internet have finally caught up with the U.S Postal service.With the raising cost on just about everything these days, and not to mention the internet is a big factor in this as well the post office has been forced to make a choice between raising prices yet again on their service or cut back to a five day work week. So that is exactly what they are planning on doing. Cutting back to a 5 day work week.

However delivery of all packages of all sizes would continue 6 days a week. But stuff like letters, and magazines would be affected. So in reality I guess they are not going to get the weekends off.

People are already voicing their thoughts and opinions on this. Some folks like myself say hey that's fine better than raising the price, everything is already expensive in my humble opinion and besides I can live without getting mail on Saturdays.

But others are not to excited about it and are worried about no more mail on Saturday's. But in this day and age with email, and phones directly connected to your email and social media people can still communicate with one other like never before. So is it really that bad?

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