At least we're not talking about opossums, so, we've got that going for us. Though, I didn't look up the rules on that.

I mean, when you look at a raccoon, they're like little bank robbers with good dexterity for a mammal that's just above a rodent(sorry raccoon lovers, they eat garbage).

But, what about having them as a pet? You see it on the internet all the time where people take these little cartoon criminals into their homes and make them a part of their families. There are rules against this across the country, mainly because they're wild animals.

So that begs the question.

Can you own a raccoon in Wyoming?

According to this TikToker, yes, yes you can. And you can do it without a permit.

Feel free to wander around downtown and kick open a dumpster to find your next family member. It's A-OK in Wyoming. I mean, just look at the map, we have more freedom to do that than most other states in the country. Colorado? Yeah right. California? Wow, a misdemeanor. They must have had a real problem with that.

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If my counting is correct, Wyoming and 6 other states are the only ones allowed this freedom of animal possession. Oh, look, my home state of Kentucky is in on the fun, as well.

It's kind of impressive that there are no states that border us that are blatantly like, sure go ahead, outside of South Dakota with their vague law on it. I also kind of find it funny that there are so many states that are like, this is ok as long as you have a permit. We just want to know if you have them, with a nominal fee.

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