"When all the apples rot; they hit the ground, they turn brown with all the leaves, and then, if you mix that with paint thinner." That's how The Rotgut Review described the taste of Wyoming Whiskey Private Stock Bourbon Barrel 1631.

The self-proclaimed YouTube experts recently ranked the Wyoming Whiskey product as the worst whiskey in the world.

"This is like someone took an alcohol pad, shoved it in your mouth, then sprayed saline solution in your eye," one reviewer joked. "It's painful."

They did, however, offer some praise for the Kirby, Wyo. distillery, which was the first in the Cowboy State.

"Wyoming Whiskey is actually a pretty well-known brand that people like. This is not a widely-distributed Wyoming Whiskey. This is a single-barrel pick," they noted. "And it is awful".

"I don't know if anything can beat this. This is foul. This is the worst thing I've ever tasted," they added.

Fortunately, the Private Stock Bourbon was a limited release and is no longer available in stores.

"I'm sure Wyoming makes really good whiskey," they cautioned. "This barrel is super-bad."

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