It looks like the male bison are already in summer form as two of them just threw down in the middle of a snowy Yellowstone National Park road.

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John Clark was adventuring in Yellowstone on a snowy day and shared this brief description of what he found blocking his path:

A brief encounter with two bison sparring in the middle of the road in winter while on my way to the Snow Lodge at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park

If you need bison sparring in your life today, you're in luck.

There was an interesting question about these massive beasts in an article called Field Guide to the American Bison. The question was about whether or not bison are friendly. They answered in a funny tone that "they may approach you because they are accustomed to seeing humans and they are curious. Do not mistake their curiosity for affection".

Nope. This is not affection. They're not even curious. As a matter of fact, these bison don't appear to care that there are people waiting on them to complete their sparring match. These big guys only have wolves and bears as rivals. Humans? Nope.

If you find yourself in Yellowstone in this gorgeous winter time of year and you see bison like this in the road, you will wait. Or else.

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