What was your first ever vehicle?

The first car I ever owned was a canary yellow Ford Maverick and last week I saw the same car parked at Buck's Auto Repair on East Lincolnway in Cheyenne.

I was so shocked, I had to drive around the block and take a closer look and a picture. It looked like the same exact car, only in better condition. My 1970 Ford Maverick, unfortunately, was wrecked and my Dad and I put the old engine into a different body.

I think everyone has a special connection with their first vehicle. It's your first chance at being independent and being able to go where you want to go. I wrecked my Maverick going too fast over 52 humps (Telephone Road) north of Cheyenne. I over corrected on a curve and rolled it two-and-a-half times, one more time probably would have thrown us from the car. We walked quite a long way to call for help from the nearest house we saw.

Ever since that accident, I've always worn my seat belt when I'm driving. It's sad that my bright yellow Ford Maverick is no longer on the road, but I'm glad to see one just like it is still cruising around to bring back some great memories.

What memories do you have of your first car?