This may make some of us very forking happy!

If you're like me, you were raised in a household where cursing was never allowed. In fact, we couldn't say words like "suck" or "freaking." I also distinctly remember when my mom tried to outlaw the words "shut up" but that didn't last too long. It certainly needed to be said when my brothers and I were being way too loud.

And according to science, there is a time and a place for cursing.

A paper that was published in England says that based on research, cursing can actually benefit us in certain situations. Their findings say that cursing can ease you pain and even help you power through a tough workout. While monitoring subjects in their workouts and also when pouring ice cold water on them, researchers noticed that when people cursed in these moments, they experienced a boost of adrenaline. To take things further, subjects' heart rates and breathing increased which boosted their performance.

Maybe this is just the motivation you need to go to the gym more often...

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