Over the past couple of years, one of my bucket list items is being on a plane during the Fourth of July. I personally think it would be a once-in-a-lifetime event to see all of the fireworks as far as the eye can see from above.

Need proof that it would be an amazing sight to see? We have it right here for you to see.

9 News posted a video on their YouTube page of raw footage of thousands of fireworks popping off on the Fourth of July. Sure, these types of fireworks may be illegal in the state of Colorado, but you do have to admit that this view is probably the best view you will ever see for any fireworks show hands down. Colorado's law states that any firework that leaves the ground is illegal and penalties could reach up to $999 in fines.

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9 News states that calls regarding illegal fireworks in Denver were at the lowest level in years. Over three days, including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there were only 442 calls. Calls in 2021 were a mere fraction of previous years. In 2020, 1,540 reports of illegal fireworks were submitted. In the past five years, 2017 is the year with the most reports of illegal fireworks with a total of 1,571 calls to the Denver Police Department.

Source: 9 News

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