Behold, a horse and he who sat upon it had the name "Blue Stallion of Death". The 32-foot-tall statue Blue Mustang, known by locals as "Bluecifer", has terrified travelers at Denver International Airport for over a decade.

Tragically, the satanic steed was cursed long before it was publicly unveiled. During construction, the horse's head fell on artist Luis Jiménez, severing his leg and killing him. The evil effigy was later completed by Jiminez' family and associates.

Since the hellish horse was installed in 2008, it has survived several public petitions to remove it. Meanwhile, DIA and City of Denver officials have consistently defended the anatomically correct abomination. In 2011, Yahoo ranked it as the third 'most bizarre' public art piece in the country.

Now, it's your turn to sound off. Should the "Blue Stallion of Death" be put out to pasture?

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