Living in Wyoming, we know one of the states largest sources of revenue is tourism. It may be a distant second from the mining industry, but places like Yellowstone, Devils Tower, and Grand Teton National Park bring large numbers of tourists to the state. The unfortunate part is a lot of them are morons. Hence the word Touron - the fusion of Tourist and Moron.

We found a few videos that make our heads turn. What the heck were they thinking? Well, apparently they were not thinking at all but instead becoming one step closer to earning that Darwin Award.

Facebook videos make take a moment to load.

This "Winner" decided it might be fun to ask the bison to be his friend. He was hoping to ride the bison. Somewhere along the line, he got some smarts and didn't try to ride the beast.

OMG, what the ... They should be glad to be alive.

Ok, let's get a photo of the kids standing next to large bison.

Please, practice safe selfies when in Yellowstone.

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