This year the New York Mets will offer a subscription deal for $39 a month and you have access to download tickets to 78 games this season, according to New York Post.

It will work like this, You pay $39 a month and you have access to standing room only tickets.  You can buy the tickets well in advance or buy them the day of the game.

“The program is targeted to the millennial demographic and unconventional audiences. It’s a great way to gain access to Citi Field at a low cost,” said Chris Zaber, the Mets’ senior vice president of ticket sales. “Even if you come to three games a month, it’s a great deal.”

If you do the ticket subscription you don't have to do standing room only, you can upgrade your tickets as well.  The only downsides to the ticket subscription are you won't have access to games that are in more demand of seeing and you can't buy any more than six subscriptions yourself.

The Louisville Cardinals are doing this and so are the Minnesota Twins.  Would you do this if the Colorado Rockies offered it?

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