I do a lot of cooking when I can. One thing that's always been a hassle for me is to slice soft cheese so it doesn't gum up, if that makes sense. Slicing soft cheese may also have a habit of getting stuck to your knife. I know people who freeze it, but I don't want frozen cheese, either. It dawned on me that I can use this to slice softer cheese with ease!

These egg slicers are made for cutting soft eggs, why should they be any different than slicing mozzarella? They're not! The wires used makes it great for slicing and you can do several slices at a time. The one pictured came from Amazon, but any egg slicer like this should work fine.

For individual slices, I've heard using dental floss works great for slicing softer cheese, too, but I haven't tested this yet. All of my floss is mint flavored. I can't think of too many things I can use with a mint smoked brie.

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