As a cheese coinsurer, I feel I am a good authority on a hunk of cheese. Spread it, slice it or put it on a burger, I'm here for it. The website Zippia, clearly is as well. They took the time to find out what type of cheese each state likes the most and this is the more interesting data I've read in 2021. Here's how they figured it out.

Using Google Trends, we determined what cheese has its states’ heart. We examined just under 20 popular kinds of cheese – including some dubious contenders such as “string” and “Velveeta” (Are those even cheese?). From there, we determined what cheese is searched disproportionately, a high amount.

For example, while Pennsylvania eats all the delicious cheese the rest of the country does, the search interest for grated Parmesan is higher than almost any other state. This makes Parmesan cheese the disproportionate favorite of Pennsylvanians.

In the event of two (or more) kinds of cheese tying for a state, the cheese with the highest search volume was chosen.

Taking a look around the Cowboy State, Colorado is into cotija cheese, Montana is into cream cheese, Nebraska is all about Velveeta and Idaho wants pepper jack. In case you're wondering, Wisconsin is boring and likes swiss.

What about us here in Wyoming? For some reason, we really like cottage cheese. I'm not going to hate, I like cottage cheese with some grilled food during the summer. But I'd much rather have a block of cheddar...

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

What do you think? Are you all about cottage cheese?

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