Having tried the Naked Chicken Chalupa, would it be fair to say it was great? No, or was it gawd awful? No, it was neither, but it sure came out quickly after I ordered. (I mean it almost disturbed me how quick.)

It's been in test markets outside of Wyoming, but maybe you heard about the no taco shell, just fried chicken shaped like the shell. Well, its nationwide day has come, and that includes at least 10 Wyoming Taco Bells – two each in Cheyenne and Casper.

Maybe you'll remain loyal to one of our state's 24 Taco Johns (nationally headquartered here). Or maybe you will go naked. OR maybe like some of us, you haven’t eaten any fast food since about 2005.

Our funny friends at Thrillist.com give their thoughts: “The Naked Chicken Chalupa ‘exposed itself’ nationwide. … Meanwhile, the folks over at TUMS are celebrating it as a ‘windfall.’” (You caught that key word “wind,” right?)

"It’s four ounces of antibiotic-free white meat chicken, fried with Mexican spices and filled with cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and creamy avocado ranch dressing," says Taco Bell’s Chief Marketing Officer.

That brings up thoughts I've had for some time now. Seems there's less and less middle ground between healthy and not. We have only more knowledge about what’s healthy, and are only more horrified by what is not. Many of us just don't do fast food anymore, but many still do – a lot.

Here's what I mean. While more chains seem to offer healthy parts of their menus; the unhealthy parts just get more so. How does it help to have antibiotic-free chicken if the next line says, “fried, filled with cheese” And would you guess the “creamy avocado ranch” has more than 9.9 percent real avocado? If it does, I bet it's not much more, besides the fact that it’s still a ranch dressing. That’s all I’m saying.

Scott LeTOURNEAU, Townsquare Media
Scott LeTOURNEAU, Townsquare Media

Chicken comes in only more forms of fried now. It's rarely found anymore as just plain fried chicken. I'd be open to eating that - not too greasy, and just not too often - if I could still just find it.

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