Something has been budding in Southeast Wyoming for the past year and it's busting the flower game wide open.

That Flower Shop was the creation of two college flower shop coworkers who put in hard work to create something special and really, make something innovative and cool. I mean, how many mobile flower shops do you see around town?

Founders Sydney McClure and Allegra Castro created a concept that brings beautiful flowers beyond four concrete walls and takes it on the go. You could see their flower truck in front of your favorite brewery, out on the Downtown Depot, or at a banquet. They're not confined by a brick-and-mortar system and that's what makes them unique.

The duo covers everything from banquets to weddings and design parties. One of the most interesting things that they offer is their "That Flower Club" which, you may have guessed, is a monthly subscription plan. You can check out the plan here. They also roll up to various locations and you can buy fresh flowers straight from their truck.

Check out some of their work from social media.




They do some awesome work. If you're ever in a bind and need some gorgeous flowers, now you have this in your back pocket.

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I really like this concept, more and more mobile businesses are beginning to flourish in Cheyenne and across Southeast Wyoming. It's great to see young business owners take a step forward and think outside of the box on how they can find new ways to service customers.

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