Wyoming is Coors country, right? Not according to a new AskMen survey that crowned Budweiser the king of beers in the Cowboy State.

Bud was the preferred brand for 18.4 percent of men in the survey, claiming the top spot nationwide. Coors Light followed at 13.7 percent with Corona, Stella Artois, and Pabst Blue Ribbon rounding out the top five.

Corona was the most popular beer in Colorado. Miller Lite took the honors in Nebraska. Stella Artois topped the survey in Montana. Coors Light won in Utah while Budweiser claimed the title in South Dakota. Interestingly, Mark's Hard Lemonade is the drink of choice for Idado.

Bud Light remains the top-selling brand in the country, with an estimated 15.4 percent of the domestic beer market. Coors Light ranks a distant second in sales, followed by Budweiser, Miller Lite, and Corona.

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