Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're looking for ghosts, there's plenty of haunted history here Wyoming. According to the website Hauntedplaces.org, these are the five most haunted places in the Cowboy State.

1. Occidental Hotel in Buffalo - Legend has it, this legendary old west saloon and former bordello is haunted by the daughter of a prostitute who died on the upper floor. Her ghost has long dark hair, wears a white dress and has been known to move furniture and make strange noises. With an EHP rating of 87.5, which measures paranormal activity, it is considered the most haunted place in Wyoming.

2. (Tie) Frances E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne - Originally known as Fort Russell upon its founding in 1867, this site has reportedly been haunted by the ghosts Calvary soldiers ever since. With an EHP rating of 85.7, it is tied for the second most haunted location in the Cowboy State.

2. (Tie) Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Powell - This World War II Japanese internment camp is now a hotbed for paranormal activity. During the daytime, witnesses have reported a friendly spirit guiding them around the area. At night, the so called Shadow People come out to keep a close eye on visitors. It's EHP rating is 85.7, tying it with Warren Air Force Base as the state's second most haunted spot.

4. St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Cheyenne - This historic house of worship is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a man who fell to his death in the church's iconic bell tower. After construction was completed, church members reported hearing voices and banging sounds coming from inside of the tower. With an EHP rating of 85.0, Haunted Places ranks it as Wyoming's fourth most haunted place.

5. Kane Cemetery near Lovell - Kane is an old ghost town just outside of present day Lovell, Wyoming. Most of the town's former buildings are now covered by the Yellowtail Reservoir. However, when water levels are low, the old Kane cemetery can still be seen. It is reportedly haunted by a Blue Lady. Legends has it, her children were drowned by her abusive husband and she is frequently seen searching for them. Scoring 84.6 on the EHP rating, it's the fifth most haunted location in the state.