Once the weather hits that sweet spot, it's game on for the outdoor dining.

Outdoor patios and rooftop decks are completely on trend these days in the food and beverage industry, especially as the weather starts to warm up. There's something so freeing about being outside while enjoying a meal or having a beverage. It's almost therapeutic. I've even seen some places get creative for the colder months by implementing heaters and fire pits. Wyoming may be a touch too cold for even that some months.

However, when it is warm, where are we pulling up a chair in Cheyenne?

For this we turned to Yelp. Based on key words found in user reviews, Yelp has been able to narrow down a list of places based on their option of dining outdoors. I guess this is a list of places we can look forward to.

Here are the top places for outdoor seating in Cheyenne:

1. The Bread Basket
2. Accomplice Beer Company
3. El Charrito Mexican Grill
4. Taqueria Mexicana Mi Tierra
5. Wyoming's Rib & Chop House
6. Comfort Inn & Suites
7. Hathaway's Restaurant & Lounge
8. Tusker Bar
9. Tasty Bones BBQ & Bakery
10. Mingles Lounge & Adult Daycare

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