Travel Channel host and blogger Samantha Brown has seen, well, just about everywhere.

She still claims that Jackson, Wyoming is one of her favorite spots on the planet, however. She explains...

The minute you arrive in beautiful Jackson, you’ll start thinking of ways that will allow you to move there: Maybe I could open a coffee shop? Mend fences? Finally, an opportunity to launch my chainsaw art career! Who wants a giant, wooden bald eagle?


What’s especially fabulous about Jackson Hole is the mix of outdoorsy activities available within a short drive of town. The trails at Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons is a favorite. There’s a variety of hike options, from quickie 2-3 milers to longer, all-day treks. Best part? It’s only a half an hour from Jackson.


In one of Brown's travel blogs, she gave several tips for visiting the area and listed a few of her favorite destinations.

Naturally, downtown Jackson and East Broadway were a must. She also lists Snow King and shopping at a place called Vintage Jackson as necessary stops.

Some of her favorite restaurants include: Persephone Bakery, Cafe Genevieve, and Cosmic Cafe.

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