Junior Roller Derby


Every Tuesday night is practice at Roller City, girls ages 7-17 strap on their elbow and knee pads, lace up their skates and tighten up their helmets because they become the Cheyenne Fronterrors Junior Roller Derby girls.

On top of being completely scared and intimidated by these young ladies with names like SkullCrusher, Death Storm, and Ginger Snap, I actually learned a few things about roller derby.  Don't ever call it a game or a match, it is called a Bout, I learned that one the hard way.  Also, don't ever assume just because she is little she can't hold her own, the one they call Mouthy had me on the ground calling for my mommy.  If you would like to learn more about roller derby there are several events coming up that you can attend and talk to the women and girls who participate.  Parents, I assure you it is completely safe and the girls will be under great supervision.

Who knows, maybe next time I go I will put some pads on and show those girls how it's really done.


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