It's one thing to say you have a very nice home. You could even say that it's the best house on the block or in the neighborhood. But, one Meeteetse, Wyoming estate claims it is "the most beautiful place on earth".

This gorgeous Wyoming home just appeared on It's 1502 Road 4DT in Meeteetse, Wyoming. I've shared a dozen pictures for you to check out to see if you agree with the lofty claims about this being "the most beautiful".

Most Beautiful Wyoming Place on Earth?

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The realtor also shared a video walk-around, fly-around of the property.

Most beautiful? I don't know about that, but it is quite a looker. The listing says it has access to the Wood River. You can see from the pics that there are mountain views everywhere. It sure has privacy to spare even though it promises year-round access.

The asking price as of this writing is just south of $2 million at $1,990,000 according to That includes the estate which includes a full 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment of its own.

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