Meeteetse Wyoming has been blessed with a chocolatier who has traveled around the world to learn everything he can to make some pretty incredible treats. He's even gone as far as mixing in beers from local breweries into his chocolate.

Fun fact, Snake River Brewing actually teamed up with Tim to create a boozy truffle that they call the orange milkshake IPA truffle.

I have been talking with Tim these last couple of days and like I said he travels quite a bit to learn more about the Chocolate business and he is currently out of the country doing exactly that. I didn't ask him where he was but apparently he's 8+ hours ahead of us where ever he is.

Here are some of the treats on his website: Tim Kellogg Tim Kellogg

Of course, since he is Wyoming based, why wouldn't he have a Wyoming Whiskey flavored truffle?


Thank you, Tim, for taking time out of your day to chat with me and give me a major sweet tooth for some of these great looking holiday treats.

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