There is no place in America quite like Wyoming and that includes one of our lakes with has the notoriety of draining into both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

I saw a very interesting conversation on Reddit talking about Isa Lake in Yellowstone. Since it straddles the Continental Divide, the east side of the lake drains out eventually reaching the Atlantic Ocean while the west side of Isa ends up in the Pacific Ocean.

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Wikipedia has Isa Lake in Yellowstone listed on their unusual drainage systems page. According to them, Isa is one of only a dozen or so water sources that is a bifurcation lake. From what I understand, only Gatun Lake in Panama empties into the Atlantic and Pacific like Isa Lake in Yellowstone does. Since it's an artificial lake, that leaves Isa as the only natural lake with this characteristic.

One of the more fun Reddit comments came from this comedian:

zeraujc686 - "I spit in it a few years ago and it only went into the Atlantic. Was kinda disappointed"

There were several Reddit people who also speculated that this might have been the area where Forrest Fenn's legendary treasure was found based on coordinates that one theory threw out there. We'll likely never know for sure.

Even with no treasure to its name, Isa Lake in Yellowstone will forever been known as one of the only lakes of its kind that has reach to both coast's oceans. Quite a feat to brag about.

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