It's hard to impress a bison and not necessarily safe to try. You can ask a group of snowmobilers who just recently traversed Yellowstone National Park in a snowstorm. No, the bison they encountered was not impressed.

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Here's the backstory on this fun winter Yellowstone moment:

This woman was enjoying a day in the snow before she got confronted by an enormous bison wandering around. Jessica Higdon, from Greenwood, Indiana, US was enjoying a trip to West Yellowstone, Montana, in January 2022 when the bison carefully approached her. The huge bison stood right in front of Jessica, with only a few feet separating her from the wild animal. Fortunately, the bison wasn’t startled or aggressive, but it left Jessica in disbelief at the encounter she had.

Yes, it's a close encounter of the bison kind only available in Yellowstone.

It's worth noting that these snowmobilers were fortunate. This bison was very mellow. As has been proved in the past, heavy snow does not necessarily slow down a bison much if they decide they're going to kick it up a gear.

Looking at that bison's face, I believe he/she/it represents how many of us feel by this part of the winter. I've had enough snow and just want the season to move on.

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