slow your roll on getting a puppy. You will have the dog for a lifetime, check the shelters on a regular basis

Thursday, March 23 is National Puppy Day so I tried to see who has the cutest puppy.

Spoiler Alert!

None of the shelters I tried have any puppies,


Christina in Laramie said they had no puppies at this time. Craig in Casper said they had a lot of them last week, but now they have none.

Niki, at Cheyenne Animal Shelter said they are out for now, but they will have some soon. I figured springtime would see a lot of baby animals, and it does I’m sure. Just not domesticated cats and dogs I guess. They’ll have litters any time of year.


So what about getting a puppy from the store? This can be tricky. You don’t want to support cruel puppy mills that sometimes terribly mistreat animals. But PetSmart has Everyday Adoption Centers, a part of a nationwide initiative to rescue homeless pets. So far, 7,355,809 lives saved. .


I suggest you slow your roll on getting a puppy. You will have the dog for a lifetime, check the shelters on a regular basis. There will be plenty of puppies. You could be buying into the myth “My family needs a young puppy or kitten, not an old, 'secondhand' animal.” But please consider an older animal, (it was a puppy once…) There is a different story for each animal there.


In Casper, Poncho is a 6 Years Old Neutered Male Chihuahua that came to the Casper Humane Society because his owner went into a nursing home. What an abrupt and shocking change that must have been. He is a chunky, little guy and he has lots of love to give. Craig or any of the fine folks there will be happy to help you find a furry friend for life.

Casper Humane Society


Cheyenne Animal Shelter can connect you with 4 legged love. Apollo is a 7 year old male Boxer/Shepherd that needs a home.

Cheyenne Animal Shelter


If my wife and I were home more, we would get a dog, but since we are not, it wouldn’t be fair to the dog. So we got cats from the shelter. Meet Finster, ruler of our household.

Cooper, Townsquare Media


BTW, Cheyenne Animal Shelter has a couple of chickens for adoption, this is Dory.


Just a reminder, the Fur Ball annual fundraiser for the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is coming up on April 8th at Little America.