Each week, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter sends over their list of cool cats and kittens, and of course, good girls and boi’s. I look forward to it every week because I’m a huge animal lover, and in a previous life, prior to moving to the Cowboy State, I was on the board of the Human Society in my hometown. It’s very refreshing to see an animal make it out of the shelter, for everyone. Especially the people working behind the scenes with these animals every day 

So, yesterday, I emailed Ashley at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, because I didn’t see Yankee on the list of adoptable animals and I had planned to go and walk, play with, take pictures and give you reasons to adopt this beautiful pup. But to my delight, Ashley told me that Yankee was adopted! 

This baby if you forgot. 



Yes, she’ll get to do zoomies with her furever home! The thing that we don’t think about, unless we’re watching the depressing Sarah McLachlan commercial for the ASPCA, is how tough it is on the animals that stay in the shelter for a long time. If they’re there too long, it gets really sad and they start to think of the concrete kennel as their home. When I was on the board back home, one of the saddest things I saw, was this larger dog that we took to an adoption event that, after he wasn’t adopted and we took him back to the shelter, he knew where his kennel was. It’s really hard to see. 

With the sad part over of this story, we should be so happy that Yankee is now living the good life with her new family! Stay tuned later this week for more Pets of The Week and find more pets homes! Check out the pets looking for a new home here

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