I promised myself this week, that I wouldn’t quote that...LADY, Carol Baskin, so I wont. But you know what I want to say. It’s the first full week of September and the first week of you having a new pet. That worked, right? Well, at least check them out, we’ve got some cool cats and kittens...ugh. Also, some great dogs.  


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Spudd is a sweet boy, just looking for the right owner. He can be a little selective with his friends, and does require to meet any new furry family members he may go home with. 



Chloe makes friends everywhere she goes! This sweet uptown girl has a big social circle and is looking to make it bigger! She loves hanging out with her friends and playing with her toys. All she needs now is her forever home so she can shine her brightest. 



Max is currently living with his awesome foster family and available by appointment. Go to our website to see what his foster family has to say about him! 



I like to think my golden years will be my best years. I enjoy sitting in my post watching my surroundings and loving my people. 



Arlo is a beautiful lady kitty looking for her home. She puts up a good show of being a tough kitty, but she melts in your hands once you pet her. She may do better in a home without other cats/dogs. 


Luma is a shy guy and just needs an owner to understand him. When he warms up to you, he is the sweetest boy. Luma does have what is called Feline Lukemia, meaning, he can be the only cat, or be with other FELV positive cats. Cats with this illness live long healthy lives, they just need regular vet visits. 

If you want to find more information about any of these awesome new family members, to be, check out the Cheyenne Animal Shelter here.

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REMINDER: Never Leave Dogs In A Hot Car