We all have those moments where you just need some time to yourself. Bears are no different. A truck driver can prove this with a video that shows one of these big beasts being all mellow in a trash receptacle.

I have done some in-depth bear investigative work since there was no mention where this happened. The key is the area code on the dumpster where the bear is hanging is 706. Thanks to a nifty Google search, I've tracked that to the Thunder Bay area of Canada and a man by the name of Orest Witiw who captured the video.

How would you like to be the person responsible for convincing this big bear to relocate?

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If you're a bear, does it get any better than a dumpster with a lid? Answer: NO. Think about it. You can count on people to regularly dump their non-wanted food in there. It has a lid you can close when it snows. Bathroom needs might present a problem though.

I did track this bear moment to an article on SooToday that said a truck driver was able to gently lift the bin so the bear could go back to the woods and continue being a bear.

Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted. Yogi is now back in the wild and having to find his food like the other bears. I'd be surprised if he doesn't eventually return to the dumpster when he needs a quiet moment though.

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