You would think that most of I-80 would be in good shape this time of year since it's spring. You would be wrong. A new truck driver video shows the perilous "roller coaster" section of I-80 and what it's like now.

This video was shared a few days ago by Randall Weckesser. He doesn't provide much commentary, but his dash cam does give you an idea of the huge hills and curves that become a special challenge before the snow (eventually) goes away.

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If you're not familiar with this part of I-80, here's where it is located on a map.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

If it looks like Randall's truck is crawling, that's because it is. Those flashing 45 mph signs are there for a reason. Here's what Randall's view was like a couple days ago.

If the Elk Mountain part of I-80 is part of your travel plans, it's a good idea that you check the current road conditions. There are also several traffic cams where you can get a virtually real-time view of what the weather and roads are up to there.

High winds, blowing snow...that's a regular day over Elk Mountain. Combine that with the curves and roller coaster hills and your trip through there is rarely dull.

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