Apparently not everyone is a fan of Wyoming winter weather, the least of those being this out of state truck driver.

This gentleman has one of the most unique YouTube channel names I've ever seen before: ChoccoBootyLips. With a name like that, you can imagine how colorful his commentary is. That being said, prepare for some NSFW language in the short, 42-second video above, which according to the comments, he states this was taken in Laramie last Wednesday (January 13th, 20201).

While I do understand his sarcasm (as I found it hilarious), one must wonder how long he's been driving a truck and just how many times he's had to try drive through this part of the country in this type of weather. My father was a semi driver for well over 30 years. He didn't enjoy driving in this stuff either, but he was always prepared for it. It gets to point were you just expect this type of snow, ice and wind at anytime in the Cowboy State.

"Mr. ChoccoBootyLips" must not realize how mild of winter we've had thus far. If he's going to be going through our area more often, he sure is in for surprise. Just wait until he gets stuck in blizzard in July. It's happened to me before and I'm sure it will eventually happen again.

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