It looks so much like Wyoming I had to do a double-take. A new video proves that there really is a Wyoming in Bulgaria - sorta.

This video from The Ways of Fernweh has mountains, horses and cowboys. Here's how they describe themselves and see if you notice a resemblance to anyone you know:

The Bulgarian West is a rich mountainous area with landscapes very much reminiscent of the American state Wyoming. This experience is courtesy of the Adgor Equestrian Center, based out of Sofia.

They're not kidding either.

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At the beginning of the video is an area that I swore was the highway leading into the Wind River Range. Nope. It's Bulgaria.

They Ways of Fernweh

These horses...Wyoming wild horses? Nope. Bulgarian stallions from the Adgor Equestrian Center.

The Ways of Fernweh via YouTube

The Wyoming in Bulgaria is located here just south of Sofia (the city not the lady).

Google Maps Satellite View

Here's a pro tip. Next time you have friends that want to come visit Wyoming, send them to Bulgaria. We'll have less tourists behaving badly with wildlife and they'll get a vacation in a place that looks just like Wyoming. It's a win-win.

Now, you'll never watch the movie "Twins" the same way ever again. You're welcome.

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