Now, this can't be right. I know that there are, what we could call some slow times throughout the colder months where the wind is blowing 70 MPH every day, but if you're driving through Cheyenne this time of the year, I think I have some complaints to make.

This YouTuber has over 1 million subscribers, which is pretty impressive, and his whole vibe is checking out "the most wild and dangerous cities and neighborhoods in America". You can read their full about me on YouTube here.

You can check out their video below, but I'll warn you, they literally say nothing about Cheyenne, mostly because they don't stop. You can tell they're driving down I-25 and keep mentioning they're going to Denver.

What do you think? Do you think his observation is fair?

I don't. I mean, how can you call Cheyenne boring when you drive on the outside of the town and only on a highway? That's the worst form of judgment, is seeing it through and window and saying "no thanks". Come on, at least run into town and grab a burger from 2 Doors Down or a beer from one of our awesome breweries.

Some of the comments took up for Cheyenne.

Brian-Very far from boring. I love visiting there


William-I was stationed there with the AF 6 years. I did not find it boring

Really, I think this content creator just filmed the video for the sake of putting up content. That's the only way I can rationalize ranking Cheyenne as the most boring.

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