There's a good chance you'll never seen something like this ever again. It's video shared by a visitor from over the weekend of a super-rare wolverine in Yellowstone National Park.

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This brand new video share on Rumble had a simple explanation of what you're about to see:

Father and daughter spot extremely elusive Wolverine in Yellowstone national park. 3/5/22

How rare are wolverines in Yellowstone? The Sacramento Bee shared some additional details about this sighting. They say this father and daughter were part of a group who also saw bears, eagles and elk. What a day.

The National Park Service has a hard time figuring out how many wolverines are actually in Yellowstone National Park due to the fact that the animals are so reclusive. It's especially not common to see one during the daytime and the fact that this fierce little guy appeared in front of a tour group is even more amazing. The NPS added this note:

Wolverines are so rarely seen and inhabit such remote terrain at low densities that assessing population trends is difficult and sudden declines could go unnoticed for years.

Not something you see every day if ever. Thanks to a tour group with a phone handy, we have all now seen a wolverine in Yellowstone. A good day.

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